Judging Criteria

A panel of professionals in the landscape field will evaluate all descriptive information and photos. All entries will be judged on their attention to detail, degree of difficulty, and overall appearance.


Exterior and Interior Installation

  • Quality of plant material
  • Quality of plant material installation
  • Quality of construction work
  • Attention to drainage and finish grade
  • Exterior installation projects will also be judged on the quality of the turf.


  • Design program
  • Degree of comprehensiveness or scope of design
  • Design and execution of construction details
  • Selection and location of plant material
  • Harmony of design with surroundings
  • Criteria for exterior or interior installation




  • Execution of construction details
  • Structural integrity and quality of materials

Ecological Plantings

  • Quality of plant materials and installation as well as their function within the environment.



Exterior Maintenance

  • Quality of the turf
  • Condition of plant material
  • Pruning of plant material
  • Seasonal color treatment
  • Mulch and surface treatment of planting beds

Interior Maintenance

  • Pruning of plant material
  • Freedom from insect or disease damage
  • Mulch or treatment of beds and planters
  • Seasonal color
  • Luster, color, and condition of trees and plantings



Green Roof Installation

  • Degree of difficulty—Were there access issues associated with street closures or restricted work times? Was the crane height or reach challenging? Are the roof panels flat, sloped, or multi-terraced, or were there several individual green roofs? Was the volume of soil or size of the green roof a challenge?
  • Overall appearance
  • Quality of plant material
  • Quality of construction—Is the grade consistent? Are trays aligned? Are seams evident? Is unsightly fabric or plastic evident? Are plants installed in rows and at the right planting height?
  • Functionality—How is the excess runoff addressed? Is the runoff recycled? Is the green roof an outside living area? Is it easily accessible?
  • Innovation in materials or construction—How were the obstacles or challenges overcome? How were design or environmental challenges such as wind, reflective light, or heat addressed? Was special equipment used or fabricated specifically for this green roof?

Special Events

  • Overall appearance
  • Degree of difficulty of the project